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CitroBurn Ingredients

CitroBurn by Simple Promise, a natural dietary supplement, is designed to melt stubborn fat such as those in your stomach and thighs. The natural composition of the product makes it possible. The official website states that this formula was created by an experienced doctor after thorough research.

Product Name: CitroBurn Review

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CitroBurn Review

CitroBurn Review

The benefits of Citrus Contracting Butter are many and this natural wonder will help you with weight loss and improved cardiovascular health. Your extra fat deposits in your body to give you many drawbacks such as irregular shape, overweight and even serious medical conditions. Obesity is what now is the major concern that has affected almost the entire population in this modern world. Luckily there are many supplements available in online, drug and retail stores.

This wonderful supplement helps to break down fats that are stored in your body. This helps the triglycerides to be removed from your body. In turn the extra fats are oxidized and converted into more energy. As a result, weight loss takes place because the metabolism process is speeded up. In addition, this helps in improving the overall condition of the heart.

The researchers observed that both overweight and non-overweight people who used this wonder supplement had a significant improvement in their metabolic conditions. They were able to reduce the amount of fat deposited in their bodies. This resulted in increased energy levels and improved mental alertness. However, a major benefit that this amazing supplement is able to provide to overweight people is triglyceride reduction. Triglycerides are accountable for the accumulation of fats in our bodies.

What is CitroBurn Review?

This amazing product contains polyphenols that have been scientifically proven to be great antioxidants. This means it helps to break down fats in your body. As a result, more energy is produced as fat cells are oxidized. These additional energy helps in improving your cardiovascular health. This is because the additional energy helps you burn more fat cells.

CitroBurn Review Works

Furthermore, it supports the natural process of thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the process wherein the body generates heat in order to increase the metabolic rate. As you may know, increased metabolic rate means increased energy consumption. So, with the help of this wonder supplement, your body will be able to generate increased heat so as to melt away the stored fat cells. As a result, you will have improved fitness levels and reduced weight.

Studies have shown that regular consumption of Citroburn can actually result to a decrease in your body weight. This is because excess weight can be attributed to increased energy demands. Hence, the supplement helps in converting stored fat into energy. It is therefore important that you take this wonder fat burner regularly so as to attain the desired weight and burn unwanted fat.

How does CitroBurn Review Works

Finally, the manufacturers of this product have designed the formula in such a way that it is easy to incorporate in one’s daily diet. This is why most people who are looking for weight reduction solutions rely on the product. With the use of this product, you are able to improve your lifestyle as well as health without having to focus on strict dieting. Therefore, the citroburn review focuses on the effectiveness of this fat burner, and not the necessity for strict dieting.

However, if you want to get the best results, you need to combine this amazing fat buster with a healthy diet and regular exercise. For this reason, many people who are using this wonderful products have claimed that they were able to achieve the best results when they are using only natural ingredients. Therefore, the best thing to do if you want to make your body healthier and lose excess fat naturally is to try taking the natural blend of acai berry supplements along with citroburn supplement.

CitroBurn Review Uses

Unfortunately, there are also some side effects that you should know about before trying this amazing product. One of the most common side effects is the fact that people can experience a slight stomach pain after taking the supplement. However, this side effect is quite mild, and most people reported that they were able to ignore it. Moreover, people who are suffering from acid reflux disease can also expect some problems because the citroburn supplement can react with the acid level in the stomach. In addition to that, there is also one report that said that there is one person who has experienced a death due to the combination of this health supplement and acetaminophen.

Citroburn Ingredients

Citroburn is a unique combination of herbs and other ingredients that aids in weight management. These are the main ingredients in Citroburn.

Paulina Cupana

It is an ingredient that has been used since ancient times. Paulina Cupana helps melt fat naturally and effectively. It converts fat cells into furnaces, which will help you look slimmer and more toned.

Grapefruit and red orange

All citrus fruits have the ability to break down fat cells. This is a well-known fact. It aids in the melting of all fat cells and improves metabolism.

Green tea

Citroburn also includes it as an important ingredient. It flushes out toxins and maintains a high energy level.

Lemon extract

Lemon falls under the umbrella of citrus fruits. It is a great source of vitamin C that can help you lose weight naturally.

Citroburn Ingredients


  • It’s a natural way to lose fat.
  • This supplement can be used to lose stubborn fat
  • There is no risk of side effects
  • This can help you control carving
  • GMP regulations certified
  • Discounts available
  • Use of all-natural components


  • FDA has not evaluated claims.
  • Individual results may vary slightly.
  • People with certain health conditions are not recommended.
CitroBurn Review Rating Review


The problem lies on the misuse of these products, especially by those who are looking for quick and instant solutions to their weight problems. Unfortunately, the natural formula contained polyphenols. Polyphenols are known to be good antioxidants and are considered to be helpful for lowering down bad cholesterol levels. However, experts advise that it is not advisable to use these supplements as primary source of nutrition. Instead of that, it is better to consult your physician or dietician so that you can get proper nutritional advice and the proper amount of supplements that will not harm you.

The truth is that there are some effective natural alternatives to weight loss products such as Acai berry fruit juice, acai fruit, green tea, garcinia cambogia, green tea extract, and other health supplements that have proven to be very effective in weight loss and health maintenance. This is why it is best to take natural alternatives to help you lose weight effectively and safely. Keep in mind that these health supplements will not cure your body condition permanently. It is only meant to aid you in your weight loss journey. Thus, if you are looking for permanent solutions, you should stick to tried and tested methods of losing weight such as the ones that have been proven to work.


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