September 22, 2022

Hormonal Harmony HB-5 helps in weight loss by maintaining hormones at an optimal level. To encourage accelerated fat burning.

Product Name: Hormonal Harmony HB5

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Hormonal Harmony HB5 Review

Using Hormonal Balancing Supplement to reduce weight effectively is not a new idea. Hb5 supplements have been in use since ancient times. Hb5 is a chemical compound found in all living things. It is an essential nutrient that plays a major role in hormonal regulation. There are many uses of Hb5 as a weight loss supplement and also to improve one’s general health.

Hormonal Blocks are affecting millions of women and men, the world over. However, not many really know the negative effects that it can have on our bodies. Common problems like anxiety, brain fog, exhaustion, and weight loss resistance, could all be a result of hormonal blocks. Hence, a harmonious balance of hormones is crucial to your overall health. That’s where a dietary supplement like Hormonal Harmony HB5 can be a real life-saver.

What is Hormonal Harmony HB5?

In the book “Hormonal Health and Diet Eliminating the Hurdles”, by Dr. Eric J. Wood, there are some interesting discussions on how to use Hb5 as a supplement to reduce weight. According to Dr. Wood, the hormone that regulates appetite and metabolism is the compound, Red Ginseng. Red Ginseng acts as an appetite suppressant and Red Ginseng has been used as a hormonal imbalance supplement. Red Ginseng is used to treat problems like depression, anxiety and to reduce body fat. For this reason, Red Ginseng is included in the “Regulation of Fat” chapter in Dr. Wood’s book.

How Does Hormonal Harmony HB5 Work?

Another important component of Dr. Wood’s “Regulation of Fat” is discussing the role of Hb5 in weight gain and weight loss. According to Dr. Wood, the hormone balance supplement HGH (human growth hormone) regulates appetite, metabolism and burning of calories. Furthermore, Hb5 enables the body to build and repair cells while assisting in the growth of muscle tissue. Therefore, by using Hb5, people can reduce weight gain and maintain optimal hormonal balance.

Dr. Wood also mentions that the most recent studies show that Hb5 may also be useful in reducing thyroid hormones and free TSH (tissue reconstruction hormones), which are associated with weight gain. In addition, he notes that a recent study indicates that a dietary supplement with hb5 may improve insulin sensitivity. This is an encouraging sign as many people with diabetes and obesity are hindered by their inability to control their blood glucose levels.

The two ingredients used in “Regulation of Fat” that are listed above are all natural substances. Many products claim to contain these ingredients, when in fact they contain only trace amounts of the actual ingredients. In addition, it should be noted that many pharmaceuticals and prescription products have harmful side effects. Moreover, if you suffer from thyroid problems or high blood pressure, you should consult your doctor before using any hormonal harmony hb-5 supplement.

An excellent source of Hb5 is the African Mango, a member of the mango family. The African Mango contains more than 900mg of the primary ingredient, called MBT (Methyltyrosation TK). This ingredient has been found to increase the concentration of human growth hormone in the body, stimulating increased metabolism and reducing body fat. The other ingredients in the formula of “Regulation of Fat” include Vitamin B6, chromium, green tea, sodium, silicone dioxide, essential fatty acids, brown rice bran oil.

As we mentioned earlier, using a hormonal imbalance product such as “Regulation of Fat” can help individuals suffering from obesity, diabetes and other medical conditions caused by hormonal imbalances. However, as with any weight gain diet or dietary supplement, anyone using this product should discuss its use with his or her physician. Use of this type of dietary supplement should not be substituted for eating a healthy diet and regular exercise. Hormonal imbalance products such as “Regulation of Fat” should not be used without proper medical consultation. Also, some individuals experience allergic reactions to certain ingredients, especially those used in “Regulation of Fat”.

Ingredients Of Hormonal Harmony Hb5

  • Kelp: This type of seaweed is rich in healthy nutrients, including iodine. The American College of Endocrinology published a study that showed that kelp supplementation for short-term increases basal and post-stimulation thyroid hormones. Kelp is also known to restore thyroid function, normalize UICs (UrinaryIodine Concentration), and improve the production of T3 and T4.
  • Magnesium: Magnesium plays a vital role in the normal functioning of our bodies. Magnesium is required for all cells, and it plays a role in more than 300 enzyme reactions. It is responsible for supporting the immune system and blood pressure regulation, as well as helping muscle and nerve function. It is also responsible for transporting T3 and T4 thyroid hormones.
  • Zinc: Zinc, an essential trace mineral, is vital for human health. However, it is not stored in excess. Zinc must be included in the daily diet.
  • Selenium: Selenium must also be consumed through your diet. It is essential for many bodily functions, including cognition, metabolism and thyroid function.
  • Copper: Copper is an essential trace dietary mineral for all living organisms. It is a key component of the respiratory enzyme complex, cytochrome C oxidase. It can be found in bones, liver, and muscles. Copper is essential for maintaining nerves and blood vessels, and it also plays a key role in transporting thyroid hormones T3 and 4.
  • Manganese: The body needs small amounts of manganese. It acts as a cofactor for many enzymes that have different functions. It plays a vital role in many bodily functions, including the metabolism and storage of amino acids, carbohydrates, cholesterol, glucose, and other nutrients. It is also important in bone formation, bloodclotting, and thyroid function.
  • Vitamin B12: Also called cobalamin, Vitamin B12 plays an important role in the metabolism and growth of all cells in the body. Vitamin B12 is essential for the proper functioning of the nervous and thyroid systems.
  • Bladderwrack: Bladderwrack, an iodine rich seaweed, has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to treat conditions like iodine deficiency and obesity.
  • Rhodiola rosea extract: Rhodiola, a perennially flowering plant, is found in the wild Arctic regions in Europe and Asia. Numerous clinical studies have shown that this herb extract can reduce stress and support normal cortisol levels. It also helps to burn fat. It has been shown to improve mental performance and reduce fatigue.
  • Red Ginseng: Ginseng, the root of Panax plants, has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Red Ginseng root extract has been shown to reduce cortisol levels and stress. It also has a weight loss effect.
  • DIM (Diindolylmethane): DIM is a naturally occurring substance that results from the body’s digestion of indole-3,carbinol. This compound is found in cruciferous vegetable such as cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli. According to scientists, DIM can lead to favorable changes in estrogen metabolism according to a study published in Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy. DIM is believed to reduce high-fat diet-induced weight loss.
  • Cinnamon: When used in the right amount, cinnamon is believed to lower fasting plasma glucose. According to a study published in The Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, cinnamon lowers insulin, lowers cholesterol, and reduces erratic blood glucose. It also reduces the Body Mass Index.
  • African Mango: Irvingia gabonensis (also known as African Mango) is a tree found in Central and West Africa. It produces a fruit that looks similar to a mango. Research suggests that African Mango reduces Leptin levels and helps in normalizing body weight, bodyfat, and waist circumference.

Benefits Of Hormonal Harmony Hb5

  • Balance Hormones: Dr. Eric J. Hormonal blockages are the main reason that fat seems like it is constantly moving to your belly, and thighs. These hormonal blockages are causing weight loss resistance in millions of women and men. These hormonal blocks can be fixed with the HB 5 supplement. It also helps to balance your hormones.
  • Improving Skin Complexion: The balancing hormonal levels can have many other benefits. The best benefit of all is a more radiant skin complexion. The natural ingredients in HB5 supplement make the skin appear smoother, more radiant, and softer.
  • Enhance mood & energy: The HB5 nutritional supplement has another benefit. It can increase your mood, energy, and productivity.


For consumers looking for an effective weight loss supplement, “Regulation of Fat” provides an effective combination of vitamins and minerals that promote healthy hormone production and balanced metabolism. For a better price and a no-risk, money-back guarantee, consumers should try the best weight loss supplement on the market today – “Regulation of Fat”. If you want to take advantage of the company’s money-back guarantee, simply request a sample bottle to be sent to you. This way, you can determine for yourself if this supplement is right for you. For a reasonable price and high quality product, “Regulation of Fat” is a sure way to lose weight and improve hormonal balance – for free.

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