September 24, 2022

This Secret Death Touches Review goes to extra lengths to equip you with all of the info that you will need to understand before you choose to purchase the program.

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Secret Death Touches Program Review

Secret Death Touches Program explains why he chose the ancient Chinese martial art and provides an alternative for the martial artist wishing to learn martial arts in the traditional manner. He also provides an alternative to Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, which many people still regard as the very best martial art on earth. I agree with him on many things, but I am not at all impressed by his little touch of magic.

Robert Lawler’s Secret Death Touches Program is indeed a very good instructional manual that shows how to fight with no limbs or hands by means of an ancient Chinese secret. Unfortunately, that is just not all it purports to be. In fact, Robert Lawler grossly misrepresents what many people use the self-defense techniques described in his book as a punch in the head. He presents the reader with the false impression that there is some type of martial arts secret to knocking someone out cold. Actually what is presented as a secret is just a variation on a well-proven strategy of attacking the enemy at close range using a few well placed blows with your fists or feet. That is a perfectly legitimate approach to using self defense techniques in the real world.

What Is Secret Death Touches Program?

Secret Death Touches Program is also another touchy subject when it comes to discussing his book. Some people are quite offended by the methods suggested in his Secret Death Touches Program, and they have hired lawyers to file lawsuits seeking damages due to injuries that were sustained while using some of the techniques described in this text. While Lawrence is certainly no expert in martial arts combat, he does offer up a few useful tips for handling yourself during a potentially violent situation. That is far more than can be said for most other authors on this subject. Still, I believe that Lawrence has some valuable things to say on this subject that may appeal to the inexperienced martial artist who is looking for a few techniques to employ in their own training and development.

There is one area where I agree with Robert Lawler on the Secret Death Touches program in general and that is with respect to the use of nonlethal force. The techniques in this text are primarily geared towards inflicting bodily harm. Many people will be shocked at the suggestion that hitting a man with a hammer may not be the best course of action in many cases. Still, when applied in the proper manner, the technique can cause serious injury or even death. The point I am trying to make is that you don’t necessarily want to end a confrontation by employing such deadly force unless you are prepared to do so.

How Does Secret Death Touches Program Work?

The book also contains an excellent self defense video review. Robert Lawler spends a good deal of time demonstrating proper stance and positioning, as well as the various hand positions that are appropriate for these situations. It’s important to spend some time on your feet, even if you’re on your hands. By taking advantage of your opponents lack of balance and position, you can effectively deliver the blow with proper technique and minimal risk to yourself. In fact, I think that the information provided in the self defense video review is better and more detailed than what I’ve described here.

Of course, I have always maintained that the use of one’s fingers is a better option than grabbing somebody’s throat or mouth. For one thing, your fingers are far more easily defended against, and once you’ve been forced to the ground, your fingers have plenty of room to wiggle. What’s more, I strongly suggest that anyone interested in learning some of the more advanced secret death touches techniques spend some time doing actual practice with a fellow student. This will greatly increase the effectiveness of your training and will allow you to quickly assess your progress.

Features Of Secret Death Touches Program

  • Secret death touches book has results analyzed and accepted methods which really function alternatively for Kungfu, Judo, or some other martial arts approaches.
  • The flexibility of this program teaches you to weaken and suppress the attacker rather than killing him you can kill him also.
  • Secret Death Touches reviews include all very important information that helps favorably if all of the measures followed appropriately.
  • Everyone can learn this technique whenever they wish to comprehend the way the touch of passing functions.
  • Prior experience isn’t essential because practicing it for a while can force you to use the techniques well to the competition.
  • The money you spend isn’t at risk since there’s a 60 days cash return policy and when in the event you believe the application is tough you are able to cancel the program and receive your 100% refund with no question been requested.


  • You can understand the techniques easily, practice it well as there will not be no hassle to find out it.
  • Doing the bits does not need as much strength since you just have to know where all would be the weak spots.
  • Your life is going to be safe and the life of your family and friends also
  • You can disable them without killing them.
  • There is a video pack to teach one to step by step processes
  • Here is an online program that may be downloaded free in complete version since the Secret Death Touches free pdf.


  • You must try to practice on someone and see whether these tricks work.
  • Since there are chances of backfire, never try it out in your enemy with-out studying it entirely.
  • What if your opponent is a professional in any other martial arts, then you need to master the program entirely or it is a risk.


Finally, there are some very interesting reviews for the secret death touches program available online. One such review mentions that Robert Lawrence “has taken everything he learned from his own experiences to put all of it together into a complete system that is designed to completely change the way you live your life.” According to this review, Robert Lawrence “has done an amazing job of providing a very clear and concise look at all of the facets of this fascinating subject matter.” He has also provided a number of MP3s that show off some of his techniques, and you can clearly hear him over top loud announcing each one.

Another review mentions that Robert Lawrence “has become something of an expert in the study and application of martial arts and the use of self-defense.” This review includes a number of Robert Lawrence’s books, seminars, and courses that have helped thousands of men and women all over the world learn how to defend themselves. These self defense programs include a number of practical self defense techniques, and instruction on areas like psychology, sociology, negotiation, and history. In addition to this, the program also includes an eBook that contains lectures on subjects such as business, relationships, money management, creativity, and many more. If you are a person who wants to learn about how to defend yourself without having to spend thousands of dollars on a personal trainer, then this is definitely a program that you should check out.

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